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Spring 2023 Registration
Matilda the Musical

Registration Form

Current AIM Member? (If not, please pay $50 Family Membership Fee)
Will this production be your first priority?
Are you willing to accept a role of the opposite gender?
Would you like to be considered for other lead roles? (Please only check no if you have no intention of accepting a role other than your desired role.)
Are you willing to accept a role in the ensemble? (selecting no tells us that if you do not receive one of your desired roles, you would like to be removed from the cast.)
Cast members age 14 and up are not required to sign in/out of rehearsal. Castmembers age 13 and under must be signed in/out by a guardian or sibling (with permission.) Cast members may only sign themselves in and out at the designated beginning an end time of rehearsal unless specified by guardian. I understand that once my child has signed themselves/their sibling out of rehearsal, Arts in motion is no longer responsible for my children.
I give Arts in Motion permission to give my child the following over the counter medications, in doses listed on the medication packaging, while participating in Arts in Motion events.
Select a payment item:

We have received your registration! See you at PCR's!

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