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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Have Previous Experience?

Absolutely Not - We love seeing new faces! Whether you have 10 years experience or are brand new to the stage - everyone is welcome!

What ages can register to be in a show?

Anyone in grades K-12th can register.  Every child who registers will receive a part in the production! 

What Is The Audition Process?

The process goes: Pre Casting Rehearsal, Auditions, Callbacks, Cast Selection

Auditions are held to determine which role each child will receive.


What Is Pre-Casting Rehearsal (PCR)? 

  • PCR usually occurs a few days before auditions and is a time for students to meet the production team, for the production team to meet the students, and for everyone to have fun! Activities have been planned which allows the production team a chance to get to know the students prior to their audition, so please come prepared to fully participate. They may also learn a choreographed dance routine for their audition. It’s a great time to get to know everyone and help shake out the jitters before audition day! 


  • There will also be a required parent meeting during PCR. You will get a chance to meet various board and production team members, ask any question you may have, sign up for your volunteer team, and schedule your child’s audition time.


What Can I Expect At The Audition And How Do I Prepare?

  • Before auditioning be sure to check the rehearsal schedule and performance dates. Probably one of the worst things is to audition, get a great part and then find out that rehearsals interfere with something else you are involved in or that you'll be out of town during the performances. 

  • For any audition, it is also helpful to familiarize your self with the show.  Is the movie or musical available on TV or youtube? Watch it!  Search for a script online and read it!  Look for the original cast recording on youtube or Amazon Music. Listen to it! If there is any content that parents may be uncomfortable with, we try to post it with the audition information.

  • Students will be auditioned in small groups (5 – 6 per group.) The director will assign roles for the show, with input from the musical director and choreographer. 


  • The auditions will include: dance, song, and possibly a monologue or cold read from a provided script. 


  • SONG CHOICE: You should prepare a musical selection approximately 1 minute in length, preferably from a Broadway musical. It should be similar in style to the character you would like to audition for, but not from the musical we are producing. Aim to find a song that fits your range and that you enjoy singing! You should also prepare a second song choice in case the production team would like to hear more.

    *Please bring a karaoke track of the music on your phone, Ipad, IPod, etc. (NO BACKGROUND VOCALS) - you can usually find these online through Amazon music or Please download music before arriving as cellular service can be difficult inside the building. Singing a cappella is acceptable, but not preferred, for younger children if they are familiar with the tune of the song they are singing.  

    Need help finding songs for the audition? This website has some suggestions to help guide you… down and find the show you are auditioning for.


  • DANCE: You will review any movement/choreography learned at PCR and additional dance steps may be added in. This is a chance for the production team to evaluate students on movement/dance ability.


  • FEEDBACK: The production team will provide feedback in the form of a written rubric for each student who auditions, to assist them in future auditions. 


What Should Be Worn To PCR And Rehearsals?

  • Clothing must be easy to move in and shoes must be appropriate for dancing and movement. Tennis shoes or dance shoes are great! **For safety NO Flip Flops, Bare Feet, or Open-Toe/Backless Shoes will be allowed**


  • Clothing should be modest (same standards as our public school systems). 


  • Long hair should be pulled back so that it is out of the face. 


  • For safety, no jewelry other than stud earrings are allowed. 


  • Electronics/cell phones are not allowed and must be left at home, stored in the student’s cubby, or placed in the provided holder. The exception is when using the electronic for music during PCR.


 What And When Are Call-Backs? 


  • Call backs are when selective students are asked to return to read or sing additional material for the director.  If your student is needed for a call back they will be notified at their audition or through a phone call.

  • Not receiving a call back is not necessarily a bad thing – it means the production team knows right where they want you in the show!

  • Call backs do not mean that the student will be given the specific role for which they are being asked to return for.  The goal of callbacks is to re-evaluate some of the students that are being considered for certain roles in relation to size or a specific range of vocal ability.  It also allows for the production team to see students next to each other and to consider what combination of students fits their vision for the production.   

  • We understand that this process can be difficult for some students, particularly if they don’t receive a call-back.  It can also be difficult if they receive a call-back but do not receive the role for which they were initially considered.  We wish there was a way to give every student the role they desire and to keep them from disappointment.  We ask that parents talk with their children about this process prior to PCR and to please feel free to ask any questions prior to auditions. 


When Will I Be Notified Of The Cast List?


  • All those who audition will receive a part in the production. 

  • Your child will receive a phone call within a couple of days after the final call-backs with the offer of a role.  The production team member who calls will speak directly to each child regardless of age.  

  •  Your child has the option of accepting or declining the part offered. We do ask that you encourage your child to accept the role they are offered and to understand there really are no small roles – the smallest of parts can steal the hearts of an audience. Please discuss teamwork with your child prior to the announcement of the cast list.   


When Are Rehearsals?


  • Actors are expected to attend all rehearsals for which they are called for, unless they have previously notified AIM of a conflict. These should be noted on the registration form or at auditions.


  • Rehearsals are every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8:30pm, and every Saturday 9am-12pm. Not every student will be called to every rehearsal, but please keep these times open as rehearsal schedules may only be updated 1-2 weeks in advance.


  • The two Saturdays before tech week will be extended to 1:30 as we will be rehearsing in costume these days (Dress Rehearsals).  As we get closer to show time, there may be additional Saturdays that need extended in order for the cast to be fully prepared to take the stage. Please know this is a possibility and that we will notify cast members well in advance of any change.  

Do I Need To Volunteer?

  • We are a non-profit organization, which means that everything is done by our family volunteers! (except our main production team.)  This is how we are able to provide children with an exceptional theater experience at a minimal cost. Each family is asked to provide at least one volunteer and volunteers can constitute of parents, extended family members, neighbors or friends. Committing some time to help is the only way we can get a great production to the stage!

Minimum Volunteer Requirements: (you are welcome to do more!)

  1. Sit at the entry desk during 1 rehearsal.  Responsibilities are to sit in the lobby and make sure children do not leave the building until the end or rehearsal and that younger children who need signed out leave with the correct person. When children are in rehearsal you may sit in the lobby and work, read a book, play on your phone, etc. 

  2. Volunteer on a team during the rehearsal period and tech/show week. We want each person to have fun and enjoy their volunteer time! We have lots of various opportunities and each team ranges in size: sets, painting, costumes, props, security, program design, backstage, hair/makeup, photography, VIP, memorabilia, cast party, or concessions.  There will be an email sent before PCR that will specify what each team does so you can decide which team you best like to serve on. Please note that volunteers will be needed to work 2 shows/watch 2 shows. 

  3. Help during strike.  Strike is when we remove all show items from the theater we are in, and return them to our organization.

    *Volunteer Team Leads will receive a reduction in production fees!


What Are All The Fees I Will Owe?

  • Membership to AIM - $50 (Paid Annually)


  • Production Fee - To help with production costs there is a $175 participation fee for all actors. There is a discount of $25 for each additional child. A limited number of scholarships are available - please email if you would like more information. 


  • Costume Fee - $25 


  • Refundable Script Deposit $25 - Lost scripts can get expensive. This $25 is in the form of an uncashed check that will be shredded once a script is returned at the end of the production. 

  • Optional Show Tickets: $20 Adults, $10 Kids (Grades K-12th), $15 Senior/Military


  • Optional Memorabilia: T-shirts, Ornaments, Video, Portraits, Flowers, etc.

What is Tech Week?

The week leading up to the performances is called tech week.  We start with "load in" which is when we move everything we need for the show to the theater and get it set up.  (sets, props, concession items, sound and lighting equipment, costumes, etc.)


Each weeknight leading up to the first performance we will have a tech rehearsal.  This gives the cast some familiarity with the new space and all of our volunteers helping run the show a chance to rehearse and work out all of the kinks.  Tech rehearsals are long and run late but are so important to the success of the show.  They typically run from 5:30-10:00pm. 


Performance days can vary from Friday-Sunday to Thursday-Saturday and usually include 4 shows.  Each family is required to volunteer for 2 shows. 


Strike is the last part of tech week.  This is where we pack everything up, load it into vehicles and move it all from the theater to our warehouse space or our building.  

Other questions? Contact us HERE.

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