Information for newcomers:

First, welcome to Arts in Motion! You are going to find A LOT of information below, and we get how overwhelming it can be - we were all new once too!  Just trust that we have been doing this a long time and although it seems like a lot, we all pitch in and help and do it together.  

As you embark on your new journey into the fun and fascinating world of community theatre, there are a few things you should know about Arts in Motion (AIM). AIM is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit corporation and was formed 1995.  Although “community” is in our name, the organization is private, unlike a community center or public building.  AIM is governed by a very hands-on Board of Directors all of which are volunteers. Our production team members are volunteers as well but do receive a small stipend.  Our organization is for kindergarten through 12th grade students and we currently produce a musical each fall and spring, and one or two summer camps each year.  Other than our registration fees, our organization is supported largely by donations, sponsors, ads, fundraisers and ticket sales.  Each full scale musical costs approximately $20,000!

Joining the cast:

All kids who register for our full scale musicals receive a role in the production no matter the experience.  Auditions are held to determine which role each child will receive.  (Audition tips can be found here.)  We typically have 4 performances and we do double cast lead roles when possible to give more kids an opportunity to shine.  Each director has different requirements for auditions and has their own style of running auditions, casting and directing.  The director and his or her production team have complete control over the casting of the show.  

Required Fees:

$50 membership fee - Each Family must pay an annual membership fee (July 1-June 30th) so if you pay it in the fall, it is good for spring too.

$150 production fee - (we do offer sibling discounts-2 children $275, 3 children $375, 4 children $450)
$25 costume fee per child

After sign ups all of the kids registered will attend a pre-casting rehearsal (PCR.)  At PCR the kids get to meet the production team and might talk about the show, play games or learn a dance.  This gives everyone a chance to get some of the jitters out.  Auditions will be next, followed by call-backs.  Not getting a call-back is not a bad thing-it means they know right where they want you in the show!  After the cast is finalized the kids will receive phone calls with the offer of a role.  Turning down a role is acceptable, but we do encourage all of the kids to accept the role offered.  All roles are important and can offer growth as an actor.  

Rehearsals are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 8:30 and Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  Conflicts need to be turned in on the registration forms.  Cast members are expected to be present when called to rehearsal.  We only call cast members when needed for the scene being worked on at each rehearsal.  We do occasionally have to extend rehearsals or add extra days.

Our shows would not be possible without volunteers.  Parents need to be prepared to commit some time to helping get the show to the stage.  Although we do get some non-members who volunteer, most of our volunteers are parents.  We need help prepping for the show leading up to and during performances.  There are many different kinds of volunteer roles such as sets, memorabilia, costumes, props, concessions, program, backstage, hair and makeup and more.  One person from each family is also required to help work somewhere during two of the performances, that leaves two performances that you can watch.

The week leading up to the performances is called tech week.  The Saturday before opening night we "load in" to the theater and we need all hands on deck!  We have to move everything we need for the show to the theater and get it set up.  (sets, props, concession items, sound and lighting equipment, costumes, etc.) Each weeknight leading up to the first performance we will have a tech rehearsal.  This gives the cast some familiarity with the new space and all of our volunteers helping run the show a chance to rehearse and work out all of the kinks.  Tech rehearsals are long and run late but are so important to the success of the show.  They typically run from 5:30-10:00pm.  Performance days can vary from Friday-Sunday to Thursday-Saturday.  Either way all cast and parents are required to help with "strike."  This is where we take everything down and move it all from the theater to our warehouse space or our building.  Usually immediately following strike we have a cast party.

Lastly, a few times a year we have crews that clean up the building, get rid of unneeded items, and organize.  If this is your forte, we’d love to have you!

Other questions? Contact us here.

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